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Executives Inc. Realty Group BBB Business Review
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Owner Services 
Executives Inc. Realty Group BBB Business Review
Executives Inc. Realty Group BBB Business Review
Our mission is to bring quality tenants and owners together with professional, courteous, and hassle-free residential property management of single family homes, townhomes, and condos. We create peace of mind for our owners by meeting every aspect of their long-term real estate management objectives. Many of our Owners start off only with one property and they need the assurances our system provides. Read what we offer below and I think you will agree that our system and services are unsurpassed.

Staff – Our staff is friendly, courteous, professional and knowledgeable. Continuing real estate education is a primary focus for our staff so that owners can rest assured that their investment is in good hands.  Our average staff member has been on board 10-15 years.

Tenant Prospecting - We find tenants quickly because we advertise in multiple media and because we maintain properties in the condition that prospective tenants expect. We market through the internet use of dozens of websites, including Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, etc. We also market to other Realtors via the Richmond area MLS, and often use lockboxes, making it easier for Realtors to show.

Tenant Screening – We thoroughly screen each applicant using written guidelines which give us approximately a 99% collection success rate. We perform credit checks, verification of rental history, and income/employment verification, credit review and score usage. In order to assure fairness and equal housing opportunities, we qualify prospective tenants based on 20 criteria.

Our Lease – Our owners’ best interests are protected through a lease that has been proven in the market and in the Virginia Court System. Preparing for the worst, before it happens, allows us to consistently reduce the risk of loss and increase the chances of recovery if a loss occurs. Our lease, unlike many others, is not generic, but specific to single family properties, and by so incorporates the needed safeguards unique to single family property.

Legal Notices and Actions – We provide legal notices to tenants as necessary. If collection efforts are required, we have a local real estate collection attorney who specializes in rent collection and is well versed in the Virginia Residential Landlord-Tenant Act. Fees are generally covered by the funds collected, and normally end up at no cost to the Owner.

Escrow Services - We maintain an escrow account for the deposits and account for all funds, as required by Virginia Law. Every month owners receive a full accounting along with their check.

Maintenance/Repairs – Our focus is on 4 things: preventive maintenance, tenant proofing, safety, and long term marketing. We have written maintenance standards focused on the owner’s best interest. Repair request are evaluated for urgency and we try to walk tenants through the problem or personally inspect the issue before ordering repairs. Often it's an easy fix and may be a matter of educating the tenant. For all significant repairs, owners are notified and provided with options and recommendations. 
Periodic Inspections – Each year, our staff prepares a written inspection report for our owners on all properties to ensure tenant compliance to all lease covenants, rules, regulations, and to track general maintenance expectations. As the owner’s eyes and ears, we identify maintenance needs and tenant concerns to help protect our owners’ investments.     
In House Maintenance – When small maintenance jobs can be done in a more timely and/or at a lower cost to Owners, we will utilize our in house maintenance team, which is available to handle many maintenance needs at a discounted hourly rate. This service also provides another set of "eyes on" the property for our Owners.
Wintertime Issues and Annual Inspections – We have found that December and January vacancies can become problematic to Owners. A property needs to be heated to effectively show it, costing an Owner money while not receiving rent.  If the heat goes out, pipes may break.  If we winterize it, then the house shows poorly, and the facilities are unavailable.  Therefore, we avoid this time period for expirations, and use this time to give our Owners a written report on the property condition.
Documentation/Records – Owners receive copies of all documentation on their property, from inspections to work orders. At the end of each tax year, owners also receive a 1099 tax report, with a full Income and Expense Statement, making tax reporting simple. We also have on online portal for our Owners, and can do ePayments direct to the Owners bank.
Charges/Fees – We charge a percentage of the collected gross rent as a commission. There is a small leasing fee on the first lease for each new tenant. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not charge for lease renewals.
Sales – Our Staff is also very experienced in Real Estate Sales, so when the time comes to sell your investment, or to buy more property to build your investment portfolio, we stand ready and able to serve your needs.  Our Broker, Brown Pearson, has over 40 years as a "Top Producer" for the Richmond Association of REALTORS, and consistently is in the "Top 10" in Units Sold & Leased.
Charges/Fees – We charge a percentage of the collected gross rent as a commission. There is a small leasing fee on the first lease for each new tenant.

Executives, Inc. Realty Group 
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Executives, Inc. Realty Group 
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